Refinancing means you refinance your original property loan to cash out for renovation or future personal investment. There are various loan packages available, and the clients can always search for better packages to save money. With property refinancing, you can get more financial flexibility and liquidity because it allows you to capitalise on market opportunities and meet various financial needs.

There are some factors that you should consider before opting for refinancing. There are transaction fees involved with refinancing, so you should have a good awareness of these additional costs. Our refinance calculator considers all factors and presents you an overall picture of what refinancing a property would result in your situation.

Refinancing the property increases the cash flows. The cash-outs will demonstrate a steady cash flow, and you can also use this strategy for your financial stability in the long run. The equity can also be utilised in other investment opportunities providing a higher return on investment. Property refinancing is the easiest way for your portfolio growth. You can essentially earn profits through property refinancing without having to sell the property. Hence, you are also saved from the capital gains tax. Our mortgage advisors will show you the savings that could be made by property refinancing.