Self-employed Buyer

You can get a self-employed loan if you are self-employed for at least two to three years. Some lenders may also consider requests from people who are self-employed for only one year. If you are self-employed for one year or more, contact us at your convenience and fill out an assessment form to find out how you can meet the requirements for a mortgage.

Full Doc Self-Employed Loan

In Australia, 17% people are self-employed, and approximately 1 million workforce serve as independent contractors. There are also employees who do part-time jobs. The issue with this set of the workforce is how to provide proof of regular and steady income. The employment status also makes their applications unattractive to the lenders. Our mortgage advisors specialise in this area and will complete all the documentation related to your non-standard income and employment type.

Lite Doc Self-Employed Loan

We also offer lite-doc self-employed loans that are beneficial for newly self-employed people who just completed one year of the self-employment. Lenders are of the opinion that these borrowers have a higher risk because of instability in their income. However, our long-term association with the lenders assist them in reducing the risk level and provide the loan facility.