First Home Buyer

If you are a first home buyer in Australia, you may receive the first home buyer grant in Australia. The grant is provided to Australian citizens as well as permanent residents. Since the requirements, terms, and conditions vary among states, our local centum mortgage brokers are always there to assist you with eligibility requirements in your state. The liaising with the lender is also done on our part so that you could focus solely on the perfect home for you.


What are the things to consider between home ownership versus renting?

In the case of rent, the maintenance is the responsibility of the landlord. If the value of the property rises, you may need to pay more for the rent; however, the value of your wealth will increase if you own a house. In the rent, you will be limited in your options to renovate and decorate the home.

To what extent, can I avail the facility of borrowing?

A set of financial circumstances calculates your borrowing power. These may include your assets, liabilities, income, expense, and credit history. You can use our home loan calculator to get an initial idea of your borrowing capacity and getting the right home loan product.