Help & Information

Q: What type of services do I receive from a mortgage advisor?

A: Our mortgage advisors are finance advocates. They will present you the best loan solution meeting your needs and circumstances. They will also guide you in the application process and liaise with the bank and the solicitor at each step of the loan acquisition. Mortgage advisors are preferred over banks because they coordinate with a variety of lenders and can identify the best loan package under the given constraints and resources of the clients.

Q: Do you have any charges for the services offered?

A: Our charges are not passed directly onto the client. Once the loan is written, we are paid the commission by the loan granting institution as per lenders’ clawback provision.

Q: How do the banks benefit from the mortgage advisors?

A: Lenders such as banks always look for mortgage advisors because they can help them obtain new businesses in lesser time and cost. Banks save the cost of human and material resources and need only pay for the services when the new businesses are obtained. The banks pay mortgage advisors for introducing new applications.

Q: What are the differentiated aspects of your services?

A: We do not operate just like a typical mortgage advisor. We are approval experts in that we have long-term experience in this field. We have seen all those errors and omissions that increase the risk of loan rejection and alert the applicants at the beginning of the process to avoid those errors. Our services are available throughout Australia and accessible to all bank and non-bank lenders.

Q: Do you possess all the necessary credentials, licenses, and professional registrations?

A: We have an Australian Credit License (ACL) that meets the requirement of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act. We also hold memberships of the Credit and Investments Ombudsman (CIO) and Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).

Q: How does the whole process of applying for a loan work?

A: Our mortgage advisors assess your financial goals and plans. They develop a customised package to meet your lifestyle and financial objectives. Once the client agrees to the offered package, we will assist you in completing the bank application. Clients can also seek clarity, submit queries, and get ongoing expert advice following settlement.

Q: What will be the time required for a preliminary assessment?

A: We can offer you preliminary assessment within 24 hours provided that we receive all required documents in time. You can also let the mortgage advisor know the urgency of your application to expedite the process.