Development Finance

Development finance is provided to complement the efforts of local communities and encourage business expansion through the public sector as well as private sector investments. The investments may be made in physical infrastructure development. Development finance materialises the objectives of the project in a manner that could ensure the long-term benefits of the broader community. We provide development finance solutions for the construction of residential property as well as commercial property.

We have access to multiple development finance lenders, and our experienced staff also facilitates the structuring of development finance. We offer both cost-based solutions and value-based solutions. Our loan facility options are further categorised into full doc development finance options and lite doc development finance options. We also offer short-term funding and land-only loans. We calculate the Loan to Cost (LTC) ratio that determines the percentage of the project costs that the funders will be willing to lend. Once we receive a provisional approval of the funding, we carry out a valuation and legal process to confirm the ownership and the value of the security. This process is completed in a standard timeframe of 3 weeks including settlement.