Affiliate Partners

We can also help you earn additional income through our referral program. By becoming our affiliates, you can introduce potential customers to our competitive range of loan products. To ensure our quality services, we work alongside with the trusted advisors, buyers’ advocates, tax accountants, and management accountants. To optimise our services, we also interact with market industry specialists including financial planners, insurance writers, conveyancers, and lawyers.

We have selected our existing affiliate partners based on their strategic focus and skill set. The role of our expert panel is to ensure that the client gets the right service and consultancy at the right time. Our affiliate partners also conduct an extensive process of review and quality assurance before referring the clients to utilise our services. We take pride in our affiliates, and they have enabled significant client conversions through the effective use of different digital marketing channels.

We, at our end, also ensure that the affiliate partners offer the high-quality services and become the brand advocates of our products. We select the affiliate partners after a thorough consideration and review process and all the partners meet the standards and regulatory requirements. Our affiliate partners provide the same level of quality and competent services.